Invitation & Welcome

Invitation & Welcome

Most Asian and “Belt & Road” developing countries are in the largest scale urbanization process in human history.

Developing countries, especially China, are trying their best to approach high quality construction and sustainable development. Recently, Chinese government has set an ambitious goal: in the following 10 years, 30% of the newly built buildings shall be constructed in prefabricated way, and in 2020, green buildings will account for 50% of the newly built buildings. As a top and priority policy and strategy, China is now in the process of shifting from a high-speed increase to a high-quality development. Other relevant policies were also released to improve the quality and safety of construction, and further support the sustainable development of building industry in China.

Since 2016, an annual event "China (Changsha) Prefabricated Building and Construction Technology Expo" has been holding in Changsha, China with the strong supports of Hunan provincial and Changsha municipal governments, which aim to build the construction industry cluster as a dominant industry cluster in the province. This event is now with an exhibition floor area of 45,000m2 and will reach 100,000 m2 with 800 to 1000 exhibitors from all over the world. China Construction 4.0 International Forum, which aims to promoting the quality of urban planning and construction in China and developing countries, was also held along with this event.

Combining with the expo and forum, we would like to organize an annual International Conference on Asia2050: High-quality Construction and Sustainable Cities from 2018. Basing on these three events and other relevant initiatives, we constitute an academic, R&D, industry and policy exchange and development platform: China Construction 4.0 International Innovation Platform (

As the conference committee, it is a great honor for us to make an invitation for all of researchers, students, entrepreneurs and governmental decision makers to attend this conference to present and exchange your latest research achievements in the field of high-quality construction and sustainable urban development. With the China Construction 4.0 International Innovation Platform, we believe that you can find more opportunities for collaboration in promoting high-quality construction and sustainable cities.

Chairmen of the organization committee

Professor  Guoqiang Zhang                        Professor Renpeng Chen