General Topics

This conference covers all aspects related to high-quality construction and sustainable cities, particularly includes but not limited to the following fields:

1)      Sustainable Urban Planning

2)      Building Quality Assurance

3)      Building Safety

4)      Prefabricated Building

5)      Green Building

6)      Urban energy system

7)      Urban and Building Environment

8)      IT Application in Construction

9)      Green Building Material

Main Topics in 2018 (Each topic will be hosted by one or more moderators and sponsored by relevant companies)

1) Sustainable urban planning and urban design

2) High quality prefabricated buildings

3) Ventilation and passive technologies

4) District cooling and heating with multi-energy system and energy storage

5) Sustainable material and new structure system

6)Construction safety and waste management

7)IT application in construction(BIM, smart building and intelligent cities)

8)Indoor/ outdoor thermal comfort